The agri-waste problem is not the only one in focus for the US.

Did you know that the American society produces most of it’s waste from food?

So let’s talk about Food Waste Management.


The scenario is very unpleasant, because the national waste amount from this source, is about 40-50% of the entire country’s food production.

We don’t want to lecture you about the need of a recycling consciousness. if you wouldn’t be aware about this kind of issues, you probably wouldn’t be here.

So, let’s see the topic from a different perspective, studying the real potential of something’ we considered unuseful.

This change of perception has the potential to aware you about the big chance to evolve your traditional power generation systems. And in the meantime, helping your territory.

We already shown you the potential of biogas in the preview’s focus, now we want to put our attention on a specific topic, the food wasting.

If you are a food business, a farmer or even a citizen, the researches show that America produces 2.5 billions of tons/year of food waste. In this amount, the 16% is wasted by the farms.

Trust us, it’s a lot of trash…

And it’s not enough. The situation in the last 3 years became worse, because of the pandemic. The lockdown followed by the increased use of ready-made food, has not only increased the consuming (and wasting) of plastic and other materials, but even the amount of good left to rot in an hide corner of your fridge



How to Feed the World: Four Ways to Reduce Food Waste - Robyn O'Brien



The negative part should be over, now let’s start with the good news.

EBC energy has improved the best solution for a proper food waste management.

Multiple evidence and studies have shown that the potential of food, in terms of biogas production, is very high. This due to its important methanogen content and quick degradation.

So…. do you want to carry on legitimate your wasting habits, or are you ready to change your business perspective?

Let’s find together the best solution to not lay your commercial activity becoming a trash can.

Thinking about the most suitable choice for your needs, is our job. To choose when and where to start your changing process, well, that’s all about you.

The environment around us will be grateful to your choices, and even your money pocket. So, let’s start together to build your own way to produce energy for your business.

Find more here: Anaerobic Digestion Process – EBC Energy (