&  Mission

EBC Energy Inc was born from a 20 years experience in the engineering and construction sector. Our porpouse is to put our remarkable know-how and best practice in process and plant engineering, particularly in the renewable energy sector.

production of sustainable energy

The company’s strength is about a complete dedication on the production of sustainable energy’s sources from biomass.  But we can put our experience and competencies in developing the most actual and evolved energy production technologies  for your specific needs. Thus includes even green hydrogen production, a specific market field in which we have already successfully planted some important projects, the first of their kind in the national scenario.

Built on these foundations, EBC Energy project aims to become a reference point in the engineering activities necessary to make the aspirations about the energy transition a reality.

The company therefore positions itself between fossil fuels and new alternative and renewable sources. We are aware that this ecological transition needs many dedicated skills and a lot of commitment to become concrete and effective. These are fundamental values to support the economic and social upgrades necessary to fight against climate change. These specific knowledge and commitment, are the key elements that EBC Energy offers to its clients: a concrete support to imagine, design, and develop increasingly sustainable projects from an environmental, social, and economic standpoint.


To accompany the aims of our customers throughout the realization of their own energy transition, with the necessary skills to transform industrial activities towards a circular economy and full sustainability of processes and products.



Our vision is based on imagine, design, develop, and realize increasingly sustainable projects from an environmental, social, and economic perspective

Our Values

The vision that we carry on, is to feed our actions focused on the creation of a sustainable environment, by valuing the skills of the people who collaborate with us. We’re promoting a day by day an ongoing dialogue between our professionals and customers, by investing in the development of various and complementary competencies.

It is also for this reason that we firmly believe in the importance of teamwork, a crucial point for achieving common goals.


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    Starting from the operational offices located in the macro-areas of Italy (Rome, Milan, Vicenza, Campobasso, and Bari), EBC Energy Inc has built over the years a network of highly skilled professionals and technical partners, creating a widespread presence throughout the Italian territory. EBC Energy USA Office is located in New York City.