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EBC Energy activities mainly focus on areas that are particularly interesting from the perspective of the energy transition.
Our goal is to give to our clients the option to produce renewable energy but also being independent from external energy resources.

Energy production

We refer first and foremost to the Agro-Industry sector, with the main focus on agricultural, forestry, agri- food industry biomass exploitation, and by-products or waste for energy production. This market segment is particularly promising if there’s the will to produce renewable energy sources (biogas) and sustainable fuels (biomethane). Our company has developed significant expertise in this field by successfully designing dozens of plants.

The exploitation of biomass is a heavilly complex field where a lot of experience and multidisciplinary skills are required. The need is to master industrial issues together with the typical problems of the agricultural and agri-food world. The necessary skills therefore range from engineering, agronomy, biology, and water and digestate treatment.

Food & Beverage industry

In addition to these activities, the company operates with similar technologies for the energy production from waste and by-product of Food & Beverage industry’s treatement. This is also a strategic sector considering the increasing interest, growing need and experiences in the struggle to prevent the climate’s change causes. the goal is to generate the so-called circular economy logic (a key concept talking about sustainability).
Our expertise has been crucial in a lot of experiences, mainly in the industrial sector, where the company develops energy efficiency plans, feasibility studies, design activities, and manages the execution of projects. These includes the construction of low-impact and highly sustainable industrial plants, paying particular attention to the relationships with the entities that finance the various energy efficiency-oriented initiatives.

Experience and references

EBC Energy also has significant experience in the field of photovoltaics, having designed a large number of plants of different sizes, including in the “agrivoltaic” and Photovoltaic sector.
The company also has significant references in the cogeneration sector and, of course, has expertise in the hydropower and wind power sectors. However, a special mention deserves the hydrogen sector, in which the company has been involved for many years, both in concrete projects on the territory and in the field of Research & Development, which is still very important in this sector.
EBC Energy believes strongly in the future of hydrogen as an energy carrier and is working in partnership with research institutions and universities on various production and storage technologies for this promising energy carrier. 


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    Starting from the operational offices located in the macro-areas of Italy (Rome, Milan, Vicenza, Campobasso, and Bari), EBC Energy Inc has built over the years a network of highly skilled professionals and technical partners, creating a widespread presence throughout the Italian territory. EBC Energy USA Office is located in New York City.