EBC Energy activities can be divided into 4 main sectors, which correspond to as many operational areas in the organization of the company:

Design and engineering services

EPC & Construction management

Development and enhancement of industrial initiatives

Technical Advisor

EBC Energy provides these services for the benefit of various entities operating in the energy sector, both industrial and financial. In fact, EBC Energy works for leading investors, financiers, developers, and industrial plant operators in the energy production sector.


We offer to our clients highly multidisciplinary engineering skills ranging from feasibility studies to design, commissioning, and all other activities necessary to manage the development of a turnkey plant.

The company has strong expierence and knowledge in the construction of renewable energy and sustainable fuel production plants, and collaborates with investors, financiers, and industrial entities who view EBC Energy as their trusted “owner engineer”.

The team’s areas of expertise include biomass energy and other renewable energy technologies. In addition, the team has considerable experience in energy efficiency, both in industrial and civil sectors.

Thanks to the experience and competence of our experts, consultants, and engineers, we offer customized services that allow for significant energy savings, reduced environmental impact, and improved quality of work and life environments. It is worth noting our leadership in the production of biomethane and green hydrogen.

All EBC Energy projects are carried out using BIM methodologies and are often accessible and consultable through 3D virtual reality viewing systems.


In order to provide customers with increasingly concrete support for the project’s realization, respecting schedule, delays and methods chosen in the design phases, EBC Energy has built over the years construction-oriented skills that are expressed through two different modalities:

  • EPC contractor activity
  • Construction management

With the first one, EBC Energy takes responsibility for project realization and operates consistently with the typical functions of an EPC contractor, thus carrying out all the activities of executive engineering, technical procurement and construction activities. EPC contractor activities have been developed in many European projects, in partnership with the most important players on renewable energy.

The second modality, construction management, sees us as partners of investors for the direction and control of construction and realization activities.

With our support, the customer thus obtains all the technical assistance necessary to reduce construction costs and times, always having a team of professionals by their side, ready to tackle the frequent problems that occur on construction sites.


 This area of EBC Energy carries out “development” activities, that is, the creation of value through the enhancement of initiatives aimed at starting up or improving renewable energy or sustainable fuel production plants.
This activity takes place in two main ways:

  • Development of so-called “greenfield” projects.
  • Development of new initiatives starting from existing projects (“brownfield”).

The company operates with two different business models:

The first one is about carring out all the preliminary activities, necessary to built up a package full of all the necessary elements to make a project “financeable” and “workable” (site availability, supply contracts, plant design, authorizations, etc.) which is then normally sold in whole or in part to investors or large industrial operators.

The second one, called co-development, sees EBC Energy and the investor collaborate together and share the costs of the preliminary activities, already in the preliminary phase, building a collaborative relationship that becoming more stronger as the construction activity goes on, until the plant is completed.

This sector of EBC Energy also has the task of promoting energy efficiency projects in various fields and to other partners. The specific objectives are different, but the operational methods are the same.


neWith this professional activity, we offer technical and strategic assistance to companies, investors, and clients in general, to support them in their investments in the energy sector and related fields.

Our team built up with all the necessary specific professional , provides customized and innovative solutions to tackle market challenges and help our clients achieve their business goals.

Our consulting services are carried out by a multidisciplinary team blending engineering skills with economic and managerial competences.

The activity consists of carrying out Due diligence, financial plans for financial and industrial initiatives, and directing and monitoring the progress of projects and contracts.


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    Starting from the operational offices located in the macro-areas of Italy (Rome, Milan, Vicenza, Campobasso, and Bari), EBC Energy Inc has built over the years a network of highly skilled professionals and technical partners, creating a widespread presence throughout the Italian territory. EBC Energy USA Office is located in New York City.