We follow the lead. So, according to the holiday spirit, today we want to give you a gift



Give us the chance to explain, and let’s make a step forward together to find out how you can upgrade your ambitions


We’ve already talked about the evolution of your business perspective, by the installation of a BIOGAS PRODUCTION FACILITY, but today we want to go deeper.


Yes, we are talking about a higher goal than the simple biogas generation.



We are talking about BIO-METHANE




Upgrade your ambition



Methane is a gas easy to find in nature, and mainly use for domestic and industrial energy needs. It’s commonly extracted by industrial processes, especially during the mining activity.

But did you know that it’s possible to find methane even in your biogas? And that’s the specific moment when you upgrade your ambitions!


The responsible for the so-called BIOGAS UPGRADING, is a specific part of the process, called the UPGRADING SYSTEM.

In this section the biogas is treated with different procedures, to achieve the purification from carbon dioxide and other waste gasses, and obtain pure BIO-METHANE.




Here’s the MAIN METHODS to obtain bio-methane from biogas and upgrade your ambitions :



  • MEMBRANE SEPARATION: this technique involves filtration throughout different types of membranes, able to retain impurities, and let the methane’s molecules pass through.
  • WATER SCRUBBING: simple e cost effective. This process involves the use of high pressure water columns, to clean biogas from impurities
  • PRESSURE SWING ADSORPTION: based on selective adsorption of impurities from biogas
  • CRYOGENIC SEPARATION: this method involves cooling biogas, to create a separation from methane’s and waste materials streams.
  • AMINE SCRUBBING: chemical absorption process that involves specific molecules (amines) to create a separation from pure methane and and a concentrated impurities stream
  • PRESSURE SWING MEMBRANE: this method combine pressure swing adsorption and membrane separation to capture and eliminate impurities from bio-methane.



As you can see, these approaches are all based on the methane’s separation from other molecules.


This is the core of the upgrade process



Discover how you can upgrade your ambitions, with the different solutions that we can design for you and your business



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