The legend tells that the famous physician Isaac Newton found out the practical explanation to his gravity theory, when an apple hit him on his head during a little nap

Let’s figure out that he would ate the apple after the accident, thanks to his incredible mind and capabilities, maybe he found out the potential of the apple core.

Unfortunately, he didn’t. But don’t worry, because EBC Energy, after almost four centuries, has remedied this unpleasant inconvenience.

Yes, we’re talking about apples, pears, bananas, cucumbers, tomatoes. Every Any kind of fruit, vegetable and agricultural’s waste.

Did you know that in every type of bio-waste lies an incredible potential? if you are a farmer or an agro-worker, you have to pursuit the best know how to exploit your resources, and gain as much profit as possible.

EBC knows how to transform your apple cores into the best source of energy for your business.







Let us explain what we’re talking about.

Everything starts with the degradation of the agro-waste. During this process called anaerobic digestion (AD), we transform the agro-waste into biogas, that’s a mix of biomethane and carbon dioxide. And that’s not all..

There is also a liquid outcoming from anaerobic digester as sub products of the process. The liquid part of the bio-waste is called digestate. This mid-product of the anaerobic digestion process, consist in a mixture of different components related to the different kind of bio-waste involved in the anaerobic digestion process, but there’s always a main element in the composition of this by-product, and this is nitrogen and phosphorus. That’s why digestate’s main use is related to agricultural fertilization process. Nitrogen and phosphorus nutritional capabilities are well known, and it’s utilizations too.

Furthermore you can even treat and concentrate this digestate to obtain a concentrate with higher content of nutrients and clean water. It is possible to use this water for irrigation purposes and shallow release.

It’s all about your needs.


Let’s find together the best solution for you and your business.

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